Shaolin How to Join?

Shaolin, one of the oldest and most established martial arts that aims to work in harmony with nature physically, spiritually and mentally. The foundations of the techniques used in Shaolin date back to at least 1500 years ago. Taught only by Shaolin Monks, these techniques cover many meditations and martial arts such as Kung-Fu, Tai-Chi, Sanda, and Qi Qong...

In order to learn the mysterious and ancient techniques of Shaolin, young practitioners are locked in a monastery at a very young age to begin their hard disciplinary training in spiritual, mental and physical techniques. Admittedly, not everyone interested in Shaolin aspires to become a Shaolin Monk, yet the majority of people prefer to practice Shaolin to discover the limits of their body, to be mentally and physically prepared for dangerous situations, and in general to develop mentally and spiritually by gaining high awareness in both areas.

So, is it possible to learn the art of Shaolin without being confined to a Shaolin Monastery?

The answer is a resounding YES! But a light level of confinement is necessary for the application of discipline yet reserved only to a strict schedule and diet.

How can you join Shaolin?

You can join Shaolin with the WAW Lifestyle app. By subscribing to the WAW Lifestyle app, you can receive training from 32nd Generation Shaolin Monk Grandmaster Wang Xing Long,
one of the world's leading Shaolin masters. Moreover, you can take this training at home or anywhere you see fit, and start learning the mysterious and ancient techniques of Shaolin.

In the WAW Lifestyle application, there are training options starting from the very basic levels, in how to hold a stance for long periods of time, developing stamina, discipline and conditioning for the harder levels of trainings, as and when the practitioners reach practicing forms.

Starting from Shaolin Basic training, the practitioner can take the first steps on their Shaolin journey to test the body, mind and spirit. For the more advanced Shaolin training, the journey
delves into the secrets and high-level techniques of this ancient martial art.

Participants can enjoy both, discovering their own limitations while experiencing and connecting to their inner world.

Thanks to the WAW Lifestyle application, you can attend the Shaolin training of Grandmaster Wang Xing Long, one of the most important Shaolin masters in the world, and take your first
step on this mysterious journey. Download the application today and experiencing it for yourself.


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