Can Meditation Help Anxiety?

As the pandemic period rolled over from 2020 into 2021 there has been a noticeable increase in the number of people with anxiety problems, which has been observed all over the world. The uncertainty created by the Coronavirus has triggered a variety of mental health problems all over the world, especially with issues dealing with survival and security. According to studies, one of the many benefits of meditation and yoga is related to anxiety and similar mental health problems.

Most people regard meditation and yoga, when practiced regularly can greatly reduce the stress levels of the practitioner. Meditation and yoga can both be used as a supportive treatment practice to reduce anxiety and positively affect the anxious mood of the person. However, the practice of yoga and meditation are not only limited to reducing stress and help in coping with anxiety, but the practices are also good for a variety of many other issues and aims.

What Other Positive Effects Does Yoga and Meditation Have?

- Reduces pain

Regular breathing is of great importance in both yoga and meditation practices. In this way, the person gets the right breathing habit and accelerates the healing process of pain by getting enough oxygen.

- Good for depression

According to studies, mindfulness meditation and yoga, especially Atma Prana Kriya Meditation and Meditative Prana Kriya Yoga will aid to reduce the effects of depression in most patients. Bearing in mind that yoga and meditation should be seen as a supportive treatment method, not a primary treatment method in coping with depression, as the results differ from one patient to the next depending on the regular practice and correct application of the techniques.

- Helps with addiction treatment

Yoga and meditation regulate breathing and, accordingly, improve blood circulation. In this way, the cells are renewed, and the person gains optimum health benefits. In addition, yoga and meditation make a person calmer and increase his resistance against the substances that will cause withdrawal symptoms.

- Increases success in multitasking

Businesspeople who regularly practice yoga or meditation have lower levels of stress in the face of multitasking. In addition, it has been observed that business practitioners of yoga are much more productive ​and successful in staying focused on their work tasks for much longer periods of time..


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