5 Reasons you need to start Belly Dancing

The origin of Belly Dancing can be traced back to Ancient Civilisations. In Pagan societies, thousands of years ago, women were depicted performing belly dancing when celebrating fertility, which has translated over to many other cultures. In Ancient Egypt, the dance was performed barefoot ensuring a connection between the dancer and earth. The modern version of Belly Dance, both in its costume and style of dance, has its origins in Egypt, popularised by Egyptian cinema.

The health benefits of Belly Dancing include: balance of the mind and body, strength, digestion, coordination, and confidence while also being a fun and empowering form of dance with its health benefits and rewards being highly underestimated.

Gain strength and tone those muscles

Belly Dance provides an increase in core strength in a low-impact way. This provides stability in the body and enhances a better posture. Belly Dance can be a great alternative to more tedious abdominal exercises. As a result of regular practice, tummy muscles are activated and stretched.

Improve Body Language and confidence

The body is the vehicle that stores emotional pain. When body language gives out victim signals, it can trigger abusers and predators. Much research suggests that the way we view ourselves is affected by others' perceptions of us. People respond to confident, assertive body language by non-verbally communicating the affirmation that the person they are interacting with has good self-esteem.

Balance and posture

Belly Dance incorporates many similar movements to those of Yoga and Pilates, which both work the spine, knees, and pelvic areas of the body. Your back, knees, and pelvis all need to be in the correct form and place for the proper execution of the movements which will provide you with the benefits of correct alignment and poise for mobility and, thus, relieve stress in both your mind and body.

Good for the mind

Belly dance is meditative and requires the mind to engage with the body; this gives the dancer a break from thoughts and worries that can sometimes torment us. These effects are similar to the benefits of yoga or Tai Chi.

Relaxing and Uplifting

Belly dance teaches about culture and history, which will expand vision and challenges established belief systems. Belly dance encourages the celebration of different traditions and lifestyles, as well as builds understanding and respect for other cultures. This dance is hypnotic and exciting, relaxing, and uplifting and is a good form of exercise to aid you against any depressive thoughts you might have.

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Written by: Jonas Leskevicius