Have You Tried Belly Dancing?

The origin of Belly Dancing can be traced back to Ancient Civilisations.  In Pagan societies, thousands of years ago, women were depicted performing belly dancing when celebrating fertility – something which has translated over to many other cultures. In Ancient Egypt, the dance was performed bare footed ensuring a connection between the dancer and the earth.  


Across ancient cultures, Belly Dancing was depicted as a way to connect to Mother Earth, the feminine and a celebration of fertility.

The dance can be traced back to the Lord of Dance: Shiva, which is depicted performing movements that were sharp, concise and deliberate, with absolute control of body, emotion, breath, mind and spirit. A dance sequence can demonstrate the various elements, earth, fire, water and air, due to its fluidity and ability to communicate emotions through focused movements – these range from sudden to slow and subdued to passionate.


Belly Dancing has traveled across many empires over the past centuries and now include many different rhythms and arrangements, still honoring the historical elements of the dance. It became popular in the West due to the cultural influence of the Ottoman Empire (modern-day Turkey), spreading across Europe, Australia and the Americas. In classic Belly Dancing, the body becomes one with the rhythm of the music moving fluently, like water. The hips, abdomen and chest lead the dance while the arms represent and communicate the voice of our hearts as they outline the body. Belly Dancing isn’t just an artistic performance, it’s also considered to carry fantastic physiological, emotional and mental health benefits. The practitioner will experience strengthened muscles, improved flexibility and a major serotonin release afterwards.


In present day, Belly Dancing is known as a type of dance in which emotions are expressed and desires are manifested: the costumes and techniques help communicate these. 


Uncover the temptress within by exploring the exciting world of Belly Dancing with us.


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