Using Sound, Words and Dance to Manifest Your Desires

Music is made from high vibratory sounds, with intricate frequencies that enter the atomic cells, allowing them to release energy based on the interaction between the human body and the sound. While some sounds are working harmoniously with the Creator, other sounds will disrupt your connection with the cosmos and potentially break it completely. Do ask yourself this question: which sounds am I exposing my mind, body and spirit to?

Each word spoken, or sung, holds a vibration that defines its energetic focus, also referred to as the intention of that word. Remember that words hold more information than general sound frequencies; they verbally embody thoughts, concepts, action and ideas. It is said that the frequencies of the music accompanying these words make them come alive, or charged if you will, and they then would have a very powerful effect on your cells - encouraging them to manifest the intention of the words. Have you ever noticed how some music makes you sit in e.g. anger or despair for much longer than needed? Now, compare how you feel after that to the feeling calming, high vibrational sounds give. Quite the difference, no?

It is also said that dance is an incredibly powerful tool when manifesting an intention, increasing the effect it has on you. Not only is your mind and spirit engulfed in the sound frequencies, your body is now moving to them! I see it like this: the universe starts with a dance and ends with a dance, call it “the dance of energies”. This dance brings forth creation (or manifests realities) based on the intention of the sound and uttered words. Dance makes everything possible!

So when you combine all three: sound, words and dance, whatever it is that you are dancing to will, in my experience, manifest exactly as directed by the intention of the words.

- Music allows the cells to vibrate in order to release the energy to create/shape realities
- Words infuse the intention, ushering forth creative energy (ideas, thoughts and concepts) 

- Dance moves the intention-infused energy into different energy centres (chakras) of the body, empowering them to manifest at will before releasing it to result in what the universe believes you desire

Now, please do stop and think about what you expose your cells to when you listen to music and what you dance to. What exactly do you think you will manifest?