Take Control of Your Mind and Body

Mind and body are in connection and affect each other constantly and consistently. However, that connection may not be felt all the time especially when you are treading your daily routines hastily - running from spot to another, not giving your body enough time to connect with your mind. When you do not feel the connection is not there, you can achieve this connection by taking a moment during the day to stop and relax. When you are with yourself you are totally relaxed. When you focus on you and your mind-body connection, you feel more in touch with your center. If your center is disturbed, you will not be able to function properly.


Your center is the belly button. Try to connect with it by breathing in the belly button and then exhaling into the third eye, the place where you become aware of yourself. Inhale in the place where you were created from. Once you establish a coherent connection between your mind & body that allows your energy to flow freely, you can even get in touch you’re your previous life or your Karma’s. Yet, you may only succeed in this if you believe it wholeheartedly. All the feelings and emotions that built up throughout the many years you have lived and collected very many experiences with people and the earth you interacted with, you exhale them by moving the breath that you took and transforming it in the exhale process. The breath should be exhaled starting from your belly climbing up to your third eye. The place where you could heal your scars and grazes – that reflect as feelings or emotions - left behind from your previous experiences.


Every feeling, every emotion is a part of you. If you focus only on one emotion or one feeling, you are missing out because they all captivate your energy. Thus, you have to feel everything you have to feel. We're here to experience it all. Don't deny yourself. Only when you are true to yourself can you relax. You can only relax when you are home. Remember, your home is inside your body not outside. Try to experience every space of your home. Experience the breath. Experience your feelings, how do you feel? Energetically, mentally and physically. Place both hands flat on top of the heart chakra. Experience your own existence.