Wellness at Work

In today’s world we are raised to believe that we can have everything, we can have the cake and eat it as well, without getting sick at the end or without incurring any costly consequences to our future, lifestyle or health.

However, this is simply not a true statement; in the same way we know that nothing comes without effort or hard work and no dreams are realised without applying steps to allow them to manifest. Similarly, without organisation, correct planning and dedication to a daily discipline, a person would find it extremely difficult to balance a demanding career, family or social events and keeping health at an optimum to make sure they are living the best lifestyle.

For most people something has to give and in most cases due to the need for survival or keeping up appearances, both health and social events are the two things that suffer the consequences of our career choices. 

Let us remember that every human being possesses a different set of skills, with some skills that can be improved or learnt and some we naturally excel at! But not everyone has a knack or a natural skill in organising and planning. Another necessary  skill that everyone must work hard to gain is discipline and dedication to a daily routine.

Yet the question is how does one learn these new skills? What can one do to create that balance? How can one achieve living the best life?

WAW Lifestyle App offers the member the possibility of organising a balanced schedule between career, wellness and social calendars, with all the digital services available to practise as and when the member is available, providing services such as:


  • Stress level alert: when activated the app will promote the member to take a break and practice 20 minutes meditation or breathing technique to help clear the mind, improve productivity to be more focused and allow the nervous system to relax - like a reset button.
  • Wellness Rescheduler: depending  on your set feature’s preferences and your set wellness schedule, the app will alert you when your favourite classes or teachers will start the live/group classes. The member will also be able to reschedule the class if busy or choose a pre-recorded class to practise at a different time.
  • Social Rescheduler: although this is an upcoming feature on the app, this feature will alert you when important events are due, promote you to purchase gifts, book venue, reschedule the event or simply remind you of how many similar events you may have missed and promote you not to miss important social events again.
  • Sleep Visualisation: if your day is always super busy and packed with schedules and meetings, then simply schedule a daily sleep visualisation session and allow your mind to unwind, release and go into a deep sleep, ready to start fresh the next day.


The WAWLifestyle App features authentic ancient techniques from around the globe to aid the WAW member to choose the techniques that best suits their needs in order to practise, while learning and balancing key traits of your personality. Furthermore, the app was designed for the member to experience a fully comprehensive step-by-step journey of self discovery, allowing the member to effortlessly track their progress, and unlock giveaways and rewards.

At the end of each session the member will be asked a quick Q&A to document their journey and share it with their like minded communities on their personal profile page, via automatically filled out diary templates, which can also be shared on all or any of the member’s social media platforms.

The careful design of the wellness digital features/services, were coded specifically to teach daily discipline, to build strength, will power and stamina through regular practice.

Never miss another class, never allow pressure to get to you and never miss another important social event, allow WAW Lifestyle App to organise and arrange for you, leaving you with only one step to take; press start and begin to practice.