What is KARMA?

It's important that we understand the essence of existence, either by looking at ourselves or this creation as a whole. Nevertheless, we often get lost in all of the actions happening in our lives and the lives around us. These actions become layers of things that create us and our memories to the point that starts to sink some deep things inside of us, and that’s where Karma comes in.


What is the meaning of KARMA?

Karma is often used in our language without any awareness of its deep meaning, mostly it’s been looked at as something that’s happening to you based on something you’ve done in the past, so we relate Karma to events and people in the material plane, but actually, Karma is much bigger than that.

The word karma is originally rooted in Hinduism, but its understanding is derived from Buddhism. In Sanskrit, karma literally means “action,” actions, and their impression in mind. In the Karmic law, all of our actions, thoughts, and intentions create energy that is a natural force of the universe itself.


How does KARMA work?

The law of Karma is a fundamental principle of the Buddhist approach. According to the Buddhists, everything we experience arises dependent upon conditions, everything is joined up in an infinite web of conditions, the law of cause and effect. This law is a natural law and all actions derived from it are naturally followed by results or consequences. 

If we get to break down the simple meaning of Karma, it’s basically the idea that intentional actions have outcomes in this lifetime and other upcoming lifetimes, in fact, it is karma that leads to the rebirth of the other life. 

It can be perceived as another manifestation of dependent arising (paṭicca-samuppāda) from a Vedanta view, every situation, and circumstance, every person you meet, or an event has a Karmic significance that is a result of the energy created by actions in previous births and lives. In other words, everything happens for a reason. And these events are happening for you to learn and elevate yourself in each lifetime.


“Nothing happens to you; it happens for you!”


Always keep a positive association with yourself and remove the negative association to the thought times and challenges of life that you might ever face, that’s a way to deal with your Karma.

The value of lifetime experiences cannot be thrown away, they’re needed for you to grow and to learn how to get over bad situations, learn how to be happy with your compulsions and that action is what can bring wisdom to you.


Written By: Sara Bahar

A content creator, copywriter, and wellness advocate.