New to Tai Chi? Here Are Our Top Tips For Beginners

The birth of modern Tai Chi stems from 5 different martial art families: Chen, Yang, Hao, Wu and Sun.  The different techniques are based on their respective traditions, with the eldest documented tradition being that of the Chen family dating back to the 1820s.

  • Choose a direction

Tai Chi is great to practice as either a martial art form or movement meditation. We therefore recommend that you decide which direction you’d like to develop this practice towards before you start any classes.  

  • Dress comfortably 

It’s very important that you wear comfortable clothing which moves with the body during your Tai Chi sessions as stretching and bending are often performed during the practice. If your clothing is too rigid, you may lose concentration and be unable to fully execute the moves correctly. 

  • Stretch beforehand

Tai Chi activates several muscle groups in the body so it’s vital to stretch before starting a session. If your muscles aren’t ready for the practice, you may encounter unnecessary discomfort during or after your training. We recommend that you perform some stretching movements to avoid injuring yourself.

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