Accepting Yourself

We put so much emphasis on seeing what is wrong in oneself. Think about all the time and effort you dedicated to understanding why you are the way you are instead of just accepting who you are. Why am I not the smartest in my class or office, why haven’t I got silky smooth golden hair, why is my skin crusty, why is my waist so thick, why have I got to wear glasses, why are my teeth crooked, why do my toes look funny, and the list goes on… Most of us, instead of accepting the way we are and being at peace with it, go seek a close friend’s help and opinion. What makes it worse is that everybody attempts to take the role of either a therapist, a doctor, a psychologist, a healer or a speaker nowadays. Everybody. Yet, they do more harm than good in the sake of giving you a helping hand.


Regardless their intention being good or evil, their words may strike you like a steel bat, destabilising you further and worsening the questions that you have about yourself. If there is actually and objectively something wrong with you or how you look and then some real professional can help you fix it.


But perhaps, you can start thinking there is nothing wrong with you. Why not put the effort and time each day for rewiring your brain to think there is nothing wrong with you. Not just only put every effort you can to rewire your brain to think in this particular way, but also start experiencing activities and people that help you understand that nothing is wrong with you. Perhaps, there’s nothing wrong with you at all. So, try to find meaning each day and in your everyday activities. You will notice how much of an uplifting experience this may be for you.


Try to find appreciation in your existence. To find positivity, to find your strength. As a living being, you are appreciated no matter what. You are appreciated unconditionally by those that love and value you. Look for one smallest thing in your life that is positive and that shall make you believe nothing is wrong with you. That way, your life will start to change. It will start not looking as something that you need to fix but rather something that you accept it as is and find appreciation in. You are as great as you feel.