Can Meditation Help Anxiety?

As the COVID-19 pandemic continued to dominate our lives there has been a noticeable increase in the number of people with stress and anxiety problems. The uncertainty and severity of the situation has triggered a variety of mental health problems worldwide, especially how people have been feeling about their security as well as their ability to persevere and survive. One of the many benefits of meditation and yoga is how these practices are able to help with anxiety and similar mental health problems.

When meditation and yoga are practiced regularly, they can help to greatly reduce your stress levels, balance your mood and help you cope with anxiety. They also help with a host of other things such as: 

- Reduce pain

Regular breathing is of great importance in both yoga and meditation practices. By correctly harnessing your breath, you will get into right breathing habits: this accelerats the healing process by pumping more oxygen into your cells, organs and tissues.

- Fight depression

Mindfulness, meditation and yoga, especially Atma Prana Kriya Meditation and Meditative Prana Kriya Yoga, have been proven to aid in reducing the effects of depression. Bear in mind that these should be seen as supportive treatment methods, not the primary way to cope with depression, and the results can differ greatly from one person to the next. A consistent practice and correct applications of the techniques is vital so do make meditation and yoga a part of your daily routine.

- Treat addiction 

As yoga and meditation help regulate breathing and as such improves blood circulation, they also aid in promoting cell renewal. By calming the nervous system, the severity of withdrawal symptoms can be reduced – leading to a smoother path towards recovery.

- Increase focus

By incorporating a regular meditation or yoga practice it’s possible to significantly lower stress levels and as such increase your focus. When juggling several projects at once, keeping a cool head is vital to ensure that you meet deadlines, produce high quality work and stay productive for long stretches of time. Even 10 minutes of mindfulness practice per day will help maintain your sanity so do get in the habit of making meditation or yoga a part of your day-to-day.