Cleanse your mind

Why a social media detox is necessary at times

So many of us are glued to our phones: they hold the passports to our finances, pastime activities and modes of communication for both business or pleasure. Our tech acts as lifelines and we depend on these devices to communicate with our loved ones. Modern society runs on information overload, and it can get extremely exasperating with worldwide news, celebrity gossip and group chats peppering our brains around the clock. Living in this society means that it is near impossible to escape Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and other social media apps which dominate our smartphones, tablets and laptops. While they do have several positive attributes, they also foster a host of negative energies such as envy, judgement, competition and materialism to mention a few. So, how do we stop ourselves from perpetually falling further down the social media rabbit hole? 


Embracing a spiritually aware lifestyle rooted in maintaining a healthy balance within your mind, body and spirit is vital to stop yourself from falling further down this hole. Keeping a good routine, ensuring that you apply an easy-to-follow structure and sticking to a daily spiritual practice such as meditation, yoga and kung fu will help keep you grounded, as will lifestyle choices such as employing an Ayurvedic approach which also ensure that you are eating correctly. Spending time in nature and reconnecting with the earth is a wonderful way of staying in tune with your higher self. If you live in a city, it may be difficult to easily access non-urban areas; going for a walk in a nearby park or green area could be a convenient interim solution until you are able to visit the countryside. In order to minimise the time you spend scrolling through social media, you may want to schedule dedicated time every day where you do what you need to do – either in one go or breaking this time up into smaller chunks – before logging off and plugging back into the real world. 


Taking time off from social media on a regular basis as well as going on a general tech detox can really help bring clarity and focus to your spiritual journey. As you work to remove blockages, having a clear mind free of the clutter that comes with Instagram likes and trending Tik Tok sounds can really help as you open and release these. 


Switching your mindset from focusing on the external to the internal will not only encourage your subconscious to unpack past traumas but also help deepen your spiritual practice. So, after minimising your screen time for some time, and when you feel ready to set more time aside (perhaps a full day or two), start to plan for a more comprehensive social media detox. Arrange to attend your favourite yoga and meditation classes, ensure that you’re eating healthy foods – you could even take things further by going on a cleanse – and start reading those books that have been sitting on your bedside table for ages. Journaling will be really beneficial during this time; as you may find yourself starting to release more blockages, keeping track of your emotional journey will help you open up and discover your authentic self. Good luck and let us know how you felt after this detox in the comments below!