Discover the Power of Meditation

Meditation has been around since time began and, in ancient times, was practised by most of humanity from all walks of life worldwide.  During such times, humanity was vibrationally connected internally and externally; their daily life was a constant meditative application of focus, love and committed intention.  

Spiritual teachers were abundant in teaching humanity the intrapersonal relationships between all layers of existence and all fabrics of time and dimensions.  Humans were left to discover their paths and explore their own life journeys according to their level of awareness and energetic vibrations.

Today humanity has descended a long way from the higher vibrational existence enjoyed on earth in ancient times.  The daily grind of distractions that may range from complete lifestyle dissatisfaction to loss of self and identity has left humanity completely disconnected internally and externally.  

A prevailing sea of negative emotions is experienced daily by all societies in all walks of life, which no one can escape.  Such as fears and insecurities fueled by wars, disasters, segregation in all forms, hate, jealousy, lust, greed, revenge, pain and suffering, murder and genocide to gain power, self-loathing, self-judgement, dissatisfaction, hopelessness, boredom, traumas and loss.  

When we compare the past with the future, it is easy to see how we slowly and unwittingly became disconnected from the valuable tool that was embedded within the human psyche, which was designed to help us reset our minds, calm down our nervous system, unwind negative thoughts and release the stress of the day.

When the mediation tool is utilised correctly daily, it allows us to wake up each day fresh and ready to start again with renewed optimism and a tenacious drive.

Humanity must reactivate this ancient tool embedded in our DNA to help us get back to a harmonious, peaceful lifestyle that gives us constant joy throughout our day.

WAW Lifestyle App allows each member to reconnect through meditation via a step-by-step graphically illustrated demonstration, slowly developing a more profound connection internally to radiate out externally in the member’s daily lifestyle.

To sit in stillness and observe the external world as it revolves around you allows you to become the sun in the centre of your universe; this sensation can only be truly experienced, and its benefits explored fully through the correct application of meditative techniques:

Awareness Meditation: This meditation involves putting all your focus on the present moment and becoming more aware of your thought patterns, feelings, and physical sensations. Known by most as ‘Mindfulness Meditation’, it teaches the practitioner how to recognise, accept and release any negative thought patterns and feelings one may have via teaching the practitioner how to focus on the present moment and on being present.

Transcendental Meditation: A Bhakti-based meditation practice in which a spiritual teacher instructs the practitioner to use a specific mantra that is chosen in harmony with the vibrational awareness of the practitioner. This is done to transcend limiting thought patterns and perceptions of the mind to reach a state of deep relaxation and new methods of perceptions that may result in changing one's life path and Dharma. This meditation is practised by around 5 million people worldwide and is a favourite amongst most celebrities, who attribute their iconic success to practising this form of meditation.  

The End & Beginning of Every Meditation:  On the WAW Lifestyle app, we begin each meditation by connecting our internal vibration with the universal external vibration, connecting us to every practitioner practising meditation simultaneously.  This combines all our energies and makes us one powerful unit; whatever each practitioner's intention is before entering a meditative state becomes intensified by the number of practitioners practising simultaneously.  The intention is then magnified into reality to manifest quickly and more powerfully.  

At the end of each meditation, we close our session by sending love, compassion, and well-wishes to ourselves and everyone we know; this creates a ripple effect, which again ensures that the intention of the practitioner is magnified to manifest and expands through our divine consciousness, as quickly as possible, into the material reality.

Check-In  Meditation: Normally practised at the end of an intense yoga class and involves calming and focusing on one’s breath and being present with the physical sensations experienced to build internal connection. 

This meditative exercise aims to calm the mind and body, release stress and ground your body by building an internal connection.

Chakra Meditation: Various meditative chakra techniques teach the practitioner how to focus on and work with the body's seven chakras or energy centres. 

All chakra meditations help practitioners understand themselves and the internal workings of their physical, emotional and mental layers.  The best practice to start your journey to understanding how to work with your Chakras (energy centres of your body) is through Guided Visual Meditations, found under alternative wellness on WAW App.  

Moving Meditation: a meditative state to gently shift your consciousness while performing deliberately slow movements. It is a highly effective technique in calming the mind while slowly building internal connectivity and awareness. It is also highly effective in building inner strength, endurance and stamina through Tai Chi and moving Qi Gong techniques. 

If you find meditation challenging as a beginner, you will need guided meditation.  Like everything in life, the mind's chatter can be difficult to quiet down at first. Still, determination and discipline will quickly aid you in controlling the senses to experience joy and peace at the end of every practice.  

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Written By: Kali

(Yoga & Alternative Therapy Teacher Found on WAW Lifestyle App)