Embrace Change

Everything evolves,

Everything transforms,

Everything must change.


If not, then the mind becomes stagnant. It starts to close onto itself. It becomes difficult, uncommunicative and arrogant to its great detriment.

A mind/ego that’s stuck in pain, stuck in trauma, stuck in misinformation, insecurities, fears and endless self-blame or loathing of itself and/or of other beings - that is a diseased ego. It is out of balance and harmony with itself and everything around it! 

A mind/ego that allows its karmic emotions to unfold and shift its perception into a deeper and darker abyss, is a mind that is in need of self-awareness and self-observation in order to transform its negative thought vibrations and frequencies to thoughts of self-love and self-worth.

Otherwise, a mind/ego that is stuck in negative cycles of experiences that appear to be on constant repeat, is a mind/ego that cannot succeed, progress or transform. More importantly it is a mind/ego that can be easily manipulated, controlled and destroyed! 

The latter would be seen as an unhealthy mind/ego, and as such cannot surpass or overcome a healthy mind, even if momentarily and for whatever reason, the damaged ego may think it is succeeding! 

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