How does sound affect us?

This is a common question for most people and the answer is simple.


According to Nicola Tesla, to understand the universe, one must think in terms of energy, vibrations and frequency.

Sound is a release of a constant, energy charged, vibration that resonates at different frequencies. The human cells are intelligent, with a complex network of electrical energy emitting out, vibrating in constant motion to create electromagnetic fields.

The electromagnetic field allows the energetic subtle bodies to externally and internally interact, producing energetically charged frequencies to spike out and attract the desired external frequencies in order to experience the internal desired wishes.

Sound is a variety of energetically charged vibrations, whose frequencies when allowed to be exposed to our intelligent cells would have a specific desired effect, depending on the sound wave and the information it carries.

A sound that is made up of a word, would resonate with the definition of that word. For example, when a rude word is uttered to someone, meaning when the vibrations of the sound, carrying the energetic imprint of that word, its frequencies resonate with the definition of the saud word in the cells of the person receiving it. This would result with the energetic vibratory frequency of the word provoking a negative reaction with the cells of the person to instinctively respond in defence.

Although sound is a tangible sensibility and can be easily measured scientifically, how it affects our electromagnetic field and thus our emotional and mental processes, which would have a direct affect on our physical wellbeing and can cross into the realm of metaphysics.

Similarly all our frequencies (waves) would have a direct effect on any living organism that is made up of energy that is in constant vibration and flux of resonating frequencies. This is why sound bath is a highly effective method of alternative therapy, especially for any emotional or mental health issues.

Sound is highly effective for deep relaxation, cleansing and release; a regular dose of sound bath healing therapy will make sure the person remains calm, uplifted and optimistic.


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