Prepare for a Sound Bath at Home

Our top tips when attending a Sound Bath from the comfort of your own home 


Improve your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing with WAW Lifestyle’s Sound Healing sessions. Here’s what you’ll need to set up:


Comfortable clothing is important


Choose comfortable clothing to thoroughly enjoy the Sound Bath session. As you’ll be immersed in a meditative state for quite some time, clothes that are too tight against the body may cause discomfort after a while. We recommend wearing loose, breathable clothing. 


What to rest on 


If you don’t have an exercise mat and yoga bolster to hand, use a blanket and pillows as an alternative. Please refrain from choosing a thin underlay since you may find the hardness of the floor uncomfortable. Make yourself as comfortable as possible and ensure that you’re able to lay (or sit, if that is your preference) in the instructed pose correctly.


Dim the lights, turn your home into a temple


Bright light, like noise disturbances, can be a source of distraction which might make it more difficult to focus.  We therefore suggest that you dim the lights and create a warm, calm and sacred space so you can enjoy your practice without interruptions.

Add a soothing, purifying scent


The familiar scent of your home could prevent you from disconnecting from your external reality, so we recommend purchasing handmade, natural essential oils to burn before you start your practice (do make sure to turn off the burning oil before you commence the Sound Bath to avoid any accidents). You can also use natural incense, Palo Santo and sage to purify your space.


Avoid burning anything that isn’t natural, organic or handmade as the chemicals could be very harmful to inhale and have a long-term adverse effect on your body.


Choose a teacher you resonate with!


Finding a teacher you feel a connection with is absolutely key, make sure to do this before choosing the type of sound therapy you wish to focus on. It’s important that you feel a positive energetic exchange with your teacher, regardless of whether your Sound Bath is attended in-person or virtually.


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