The Mind

An ego that is controlled by the self (Atma) and an ego that is out of control 

The mind is powerful, it has power that is unfathomable to a child like ego that has not spent time exploring and understanding it’s own strength!

Imagine if you will the mind as an elephant, and you allow this elephant in your beautiful glass china shop - but this elephant (mind/ego) is untamed, so the elephant storms into the china shop and destroys everything without awareness, without wisdom, without the basic or subtle understanding of what it would mean to enter a glass shop!   The elephant does not understand or even realise its own strength and size in comparison to the delicate intricacies (the subtle vibrations of emotions motivated by karma) that the elephant must take care not to break or destroy!

However, a tame elephant, would bow down at the doorway of the shop, it would allow the self to ride its back and walk through the shop with calm awareness and wisdom.  Such an elephant (mind/ego) would have worked to understand and apply its own inner power, and a tame elephant would become so powerful that no other external elephant can ever enter a shop when the shop keepers own elephant is awakened, aware and tame!

No matter how many untamed elephants come to overrun the china shop, the shop keeper’s own elephant is tame, in control, awakened and powerful, therefore, nothing from outside that shop can overturn or overcome it!

Think take a moment to think friends, wouldn't you like to tame your own elephant, so nothing from outside your shop (body) can ever affect or control it without your knowledge and awareness?  Join us on WAW Lifestyle App today and find the technique that best suits you in order to unlock your awareness. 




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