The secret locked in our DNA

The secret locked in our DNA: what is it and how do we uncover it? 

We narrate an answer given by Yogi Ashokananda in one of his Prana Kriya Yoga classes

Through the applied wisdom of a great teacher a practitioner is able to reach higher levels of awareness. When uncovering these, the practitioner will be released from their physical and mental limitations, empowering them to transform and become aligned with their true self and life purpose.

However, to reach this state of bliss, the practitioner must first reach a level of general awareness through a daily meditative practice which prepares them to be susceptible to this invaluable wisdom.

Before taking the first step on this self-awareness journey, the practitioner must realise that they need to awaken from a deep sleep of misguided perceptions and misinformation which are the root cause of their self-imposed limitations.

The questions burning in all our minds: “Why were we born? What are we doing here? What is the point of it all?”. These answers were revealed by Guru Ashokananda through one word in such a subtle and indirect way that if the practitioners had blinked, they would have missed it completely. The answer sounds much simpler than it actually is: RELEASE! This concept shapes the path which the practitioner embarks upon. 

Most might scratch their heads and wonder, “release, what does that mean?”.  It relates to the soul (Atma in Sanskrit), the energetic vibration of the Divine that resides within our human vessel. Our physical body houses our Atma for the purpose of experiencing life - our soul is pure, beautiful, magnificent and untouched by any action or inaction externally or internally.  Our Atma simply is. Guru Ashokananda stresses that “for a student to receive this applied wisdom, they must first reach a level of awareness through daily practice of Prana Kriya Yoga that would allow them to accept it”. 

The answers to unlocking the secrets of the universe are hidden within our DNA which holds the key to who we are and where we come from.  On face value the DNA is a complex molecule that contains all of the information necessary to build and maintain an organism. However, from a spiritual standpoint DNA is infinitely more than that and operates on many other levels of consciousness than just the physical. It also acts as the chains which bind our Atmas to our physical bodies, carrying the memories of our genetic codes, trapping the soul in a human experience through Karma. When these chains are released they activate emotional impulses which accelerate mental and spiritual growth. As such, our souls can only truly break free of Karmic experiences and emotions, and return to their original source, through release. 

So, how can we begin to release? If the chains within our DNA can only be broken by releasing past traumas, suppressed memories and the ancestral ties stored within it, you will need to apply techniques which work to cleanse your Karma. Moving your body and breathing correctly will create shifts and remove blockages such as fear, doubt and insecurities. A daily Prana Kriya Yoga practice, which is a meditation created to accelerate your spiritual awakening and cleanse your Karma through movement and breath, will be an essential tool. It encourages the practitioner to explore release through four fundamental actions: meditation, contemplation, reflection and exploration.  Join WAW Lifestyle and begin your journey to release and ascend today!