What is Sound Bath?

The healing power of sound was discovered thousands of years ago in different cultures. 

In ancient Greece, sound and music were used in a variety of ways, such as to induce sleep, aid digestion and reduce anxiety. 

In Ancient Egypt, musical words were believed to heal the sick. 

Going even further back to primitive societies, sound and music were used to become one with God and purify spiritually.  

Tibetan monks, deduced the power of vibrations using special bowls. The Monks describe the vibrations as the materially manifested sounds off the universe. They used an instrument in the shape of bowls, made from seven different metals called the singing bowls, in order to cleanse and amplify one's energy.

Research conducted today has revealed that the sound vibrations emanating from the singing bowls used by Tibetan monks are transformed into endogenous opiates within the human body. scientific evidence has proven that sound vibration therapy has a pain-relieving and healing role within the body.

A sound bath is a meditation-based experience performed using the methods and instruments of the Tibetan monks, where sound waves emanating from Tibetan bowls, gongs or percussions have a healing effect on many emotional, mental and even physiological ailments.
The practice is performed with the practitioner laying down or in a seated posture, focused on breathing, while being bathed in healing sounds that allows the cells to further release and cleanse themselves.

Further studies have revealed that sound bath helps in reducing blood pressure, aiding digestive problems and muscle pain. In addition, complaints such as depression, anxiety, traumatic stress disorders and insomnia are also reduced.

Sound bath can be experienced by practitioners of all ages.  Before engaging in a sound bath, it is advisable that the practitioner should be dressed comfortably in loose and natural clothing (such as silk, cotton or linen).  Also, the body should be in a comfortable position and the eyes kept closed.
Results may differ from person to person, due to sound bath therapy being a personal experience. Thus, one person may experience intense relaxation, while another may experience a boost of energy after or during the meditation.  
Sound bath therapy has the power to align the practitioner with their internal power, as well as, train the mind to be fluid and flexible beyond limited perceptions.

How to Prepare for a Sound Bath at Home?


5 Tips for Preparing for a Sound Bath at Home


Research shows that it is possible to see improvement in emotional, mental and even physical problems thanks to Sound Bath Therapy. So how can you immerse yourself in an experience of sound bath therapy from the comfort of your own home? 

Here is what you will need:

The choice of clothing is important

You should choose comfortable clothing to enjoy a sound bath. Since you will be inactive for a long-time during meditation, clothes that are tight against the body, may start to cause discomfort after a while.

What will you do if you don't have an exercise mat?

If you don't have an exercise mat at home, you can use a blanket or pillows instead. Do not choose thin covers because you may be affected by the hardness of the floor, do make yourself comfortable, yet be sure that you are able to lay in the instructed pose correctly.

Turn off the lights and turn your house into a temple

Light, like noise can be a source of mental distraction that would make it more difficult to focus. 

Dim the lights and create a warm and calm sacred space for you to enjoy your practice uninterrupted.

A soothing scent is good

Having the usual smell of your home during the sound bath can prevent you from disconnecting from your external reality.

Purchase handmade and all natural oils that you can burn before you start your practice and make sure to turn off the burning oil before you begin to avoid any accidents.

Avoid burning anything scented that is not natural, organic and handmade and that may have chemicals that could be very harmful to your body if you inhale during practice.

Choose a teacher you resonate with!

Find the teacher that you feel a connection with, then choose the type of sound therapy you may wish to focus on.

By becoming a member of the WAW Lifestyle application, you can take a journey into the relaxing world of sound bath therapy and uncover you own personal experience from the comfort of your own home.