What is Sound Bath?

The healing power of sound was discovered thousands of years ago in different cultures. 

In ancient Greece, sound and music were used in a variety of ways, such as to induce asleep, aid digestion and reduce anxiety.  While in Ancient Egypt, musical words were believed to heal the sick. 

Going back even further to primitive societies, sound and music were used to become one with God and purify spiritually.  Tibetan monks, on the other hand, deduced the power of vibrations using special bowls. The Monks describe the vibrations as the materially manifested sounds off the universe.  The Tibetan monks used an instrument in the shape of bowls, made from seven different metals and are called singing bowls, in order to cleanse and amplify one's energy.

Research conducted today has revealed that the sound vibrations emanating from the singing bowls used by Tibetan monks are transformed into endogenous opiates from the human body. Therefore, it has been proven that sound vibrations have a pain-relieving and healing role in the body.

A sound bath is a meditation-based experience performed using the methods and instruments of the Tibetan monks, where sound waves emanating from Tibetan bowls, gongs, percussions or human voices have a healing effect on many spiritual, mental and even physiological ailments.  The practitioner is bathed in healing sounds that allows the cells to release and cleanse themselves.

Many studies have revealed that sound bath helps in reducing blood pressure, aiding digestive problems, muscle pain.  In addition, complaints such as depression, anxiety, traumatic stress disorders and insomnia are also reduced thanks to the powerful effects of sound baths.
Sound bath can be applied to individuals of all ages, young or old.  It is advised that before engaging in a sound bath, the practitioner should be dressed very comfortably in loose and natural clothing (such as silk, cotton or linen).  Also, make sure that the body is in a comfortable position and the eyes are closed.
Results may differ from person to person because a sound bath is a personal experience.  Therefore, one person may experience intense relaxation, while another may feel full of energy after the completion of the meditation.  Sound bath has the power to align the practitioner with their internal power, as well as take them the way and beyond their perceptions.

How to Make a Sound Bath at Home? / 5 Tips for Making a Sound Bath at Home

Research shows that it is possible to see improvement in spiritual, mental and even physical problems thanks to sound bathing. So how can you experience the sound bath in the comfort of your home? Here are the five tips you need:

The choice of clothing is important

You should choose comfortable clothes to take a sound bath. Since you will be inactive for a long-time during meditation, clothes that tighten the body in certain areas may start to cause discomfort after a while.

What will you do if you don't have an exercise mat?

A sound bath is usually done on the floor and an exercise mat. If you don't have an exercise mat at home, you can use a blanket or pillows instead. Do not choose thin covers because you may be affected by the hardness of the floor.

Turn off the lights and turn your house into a temple

If there are open light sources around, you will notice the light even if you close your eyes, making it difficult for you to return to your inner world. For this reason, turn off the lights before the sound bath and light a few candles to turn your house into a temple.

A soothing scent is good

Having the usual smell of your home during the sound bath can prevent you from moving away from reality. For this reason, by using incense or essential oils, you can create an environment that is highly relaxing and suitable for a sound bath.

The right mentor ensures you get the best results

If you want to get the best and most accurate result from a sound bath, you need an expert mentor who will guide you correctly. By becoming a member of the WAW Lifestyle application, you can take a journey into the mysterious world of the sound bath that you never knew about yourself.