What is Prana Kriya Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient philosophy system from India which aims to direct our emotional, mental and physical bodies into a constant state of transformation. Prana means life force and Kriya means movement, and this authentic form of yoga is different from the typical yoga asanas which have become so popular in the West. 

Prana Kriya Yoga goes deeper than other yoga practices as it is focused on more than just the physical benefits. By retaining the breath during the practice, it strengthens the heart muscle, giving you a 360 degree body, mind and breath experience. 

Prana Kriya Yoga has long been highly regarded among many great masters and yogis to hold the key to slowing down the ageing process” Yogi Ashokananda

Prana Kriya Yoga recharges your blood with oxygen and decarbonises it, rejuvenating the brain and spinal centres, and as such preventing tissue decay. 

It awakens your hidden energy within, also known as kundalini, allowing you to free yourself from blockages such as limiting beliefs and old behavioural patterns. Incorporating Prana Kriya Yoga into your regular routine is a great way of helping you stay focused while also improving your endurance as well as your physical and emotional wellbeing.


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