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What is Waw Lifestyle ?

WAW Lifestyle started as “Wellness at Work” for the corporate market with the aim to improve mental health and overall wellness in the workplace. When lockdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic shut down offices worldwide and employees started to work from home, the concept was reborn as “Wellness Around the World”, or “WAW Lifestyle”.

WAW Lifestyle is a B2C app enabling the user to take part in different classes teaching authentic forms of yoga, meditation, dance and martial arts. A 360 wellness eco-system, our members are able to immerse themselves in Aurvedic nutrition, keep track of their wellness journey and interact with like-minded people via our social network.

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Find Your Zen: The Art of Inner Balance through Tai Chi

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"The best investment is the investment you make in your body."

Master Wang

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Is my personal data shared?

With WAW Lifestyle, your personal data is completely safe. None of your data in the application is shared with any other institution or organization. Your information is submitted to you for evaluation.

Classes for free without becoming a member?

You can join some free classes without subscribing to the WAW Lifestyle app.  Presently, while in beta testing, you can also enjoy Live classes broadcasted daily.

May I pay through Paypal to become a member?

To become a member of the WAW Lifestyle application, payments can be made by credit card, ApplePay or Google Play.