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What is Waw Lifestyle ?

Wellness Around the World (WAW) is the next-generation social networking application, developed to support both physical and mental well-being.

WAW provides a platform for members to create a likeminded wellness support community, where the members can invite, share their wellness activities and experiences from a choice of martial arts, yoga or fitness.

WAW Lifestyle app offers the members a step by step guide to each technique with clearly demonstrated graphics, allowing the members the time to practice and develop their skills outside of classes!

"The best investment is the investment you make in your body."

Master Wang

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What are goals?


Give yourself the opportunity to heal. A person who does not understand what his problem is can never fully recover. These exercises will play an important role in finding out your problem and starting your recovery process.


Get rid of the chains that hold you back. The key to life is balance, the key to success is awareness, and the key to happiness is freedom. If you want to be happy, you have to get rid of the problems that bring you down. These exercises will help you overcome your issues.


Focus to stand up. Healing doesn't happen suddenly. Sometimes it takes a long time for a permanent and comprehensive recovery. These exercises will give you the energy and motivation you will need all this time.


Discover your balance in your inner world. In order to achieve healing and happiness, it is necessary to find balance in the journey of life. Thanks to these exercises, you will embark on your journey and stay balanced in all aspects.

Waw Lifestyle

A distracted mind produces nothing of value for self and life purpose.

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You Are Confused! Question & Answers

Can I attend classes for free without being a member?

You can join some free classes without subscribing to the WAW Lifestyle app, as well as watch live videos broadcast daily.

Can I use Paypal to become a member?

To become a member of the WAW Lifestyle application, you can pay by credit card, ApplePay or Google Play.

If my smartphone battery runs out during class, will I miss that class?

In the WAW Lifestyle app, videos are stored in your library, and you can watch them whenever you are convenient.

The balance created by the soul,
body and mind is the key to life.

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