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What is Waw Lifestyle ?

Wellness Around the World (WAW) is the next-generation social networking application, developed to support both physical and mental well-being.

WAW provides a platform for members to create a likeminded wellness support community, where the members can invite, share their wellness activities and experiences from a choice of martial arts, yoga or fitness.

WAW Lifestyle app offers the members a step by step guide to each technique with clearly demonstrated graphics, allowing the members the time to practice and develop their skills outside of classes!

Wellness Social Network

Invite your friends to join you in an online class with your favourite teacher and start to build your community tree.

Build a like-minded community tree with members that share the same interests, hobbies, lifestyle or outlook on life and grow together on your Wellness journey.

Challenge or compete with your community to excel, learn, grow and complete your practice timeline faster to unlock higher levels of the App and community giveaways.

Create picture and vlog Wellness diary from our selection of templates in seconds and share it on your social media platforms.

Create social events to interact with your community tree directly and enjoy participating in hobbies, interests and practices together.

Choose Your Wellness Path

Choose a path from one of our Master schools, whether you prefer to try out or experience an authentic practice as passed down and taught by Gurus and Grandmaster, or simply choose Alternative practices that is a mixture between modern and ancient wisdom.

WAW Lifestyle App offers a library of graphically demonstrated step-by-step instructions for practitioners to perfect their posture, alignment and to build up discipline, patience and a strong practice outside of live, group or one to one classes. This feature also allows the members to create challenges and competitions with their community to open higher levels of the app and win fabulous giveaways.

Choose your favourite classes from our video library and practice anytime from anywhere.

Choose to join a live class from one of our scheduled classes and add it to your diary with a reminder.

Choose to join a live group class or schedule a one to one class with your school and teacher of choice.

Smart Scheduler

Stay on top of your Wellness activities by scheduling or rescheduling classes or practice time according to your availability from anywhere to meet your lifestyle demands.

Combine all your diaries; social, business, family and wellness to allow WAW Lifestyle App to recommend the best times and the best practices that meets the demands of your daily lifestyle.

Allow WAW Lifestyle App to recommend and Schedule practices, diet plans, wellness events and home retreats automatically into your diary and never miss your favourite practice or experience again.

Download your home retreat directly to your device, create your own reminder recordings and at anytime reschedule your wellness retreat activity to fit around your daily schedule.

Create a goal and allow WAW Lifestyle App to follow you on your journey to achieving your set goals.

Ayurvedic Diet Plans

Discover what type of body you are and eat according to your body type to maximise your productivity, creativity and efficiency.

Find out about all the different types of food and how they have an effect on your body, personality and outlook on life.

Choose your favourite recipes to create and schedule a diet plan that keeps your body balanced, fit, energised and mentally healthy.

Watch and follow how to make the recipes at home with step by step instructions.

Coming soon: The app will measure the exact amounts of ingredients needed to match your body type and create a balanced diet plan to insert into your diary, never worry about losing or gaining weight again.

"The best investment is the investment you make in your body."

Master Wang

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Digital Diary

At the end of each Activity on WAW Lifestyle app, you will be asked a few simple questions, which you can skip or add to your blog calendar template

Record 15 second vlogs of your practice or your experience at the end of each activity and add to your blog calendar template

Choose a template and rearrange the design to suit your taste and within seconds insert you answers, pictures and short videos and post on all your social media channels

The digital diary records your practice progress, your journey so far and keeps your practice stats for the Master school to open the next steps of your path

The digital diary will arrange the answers from your experience weekly to read like a story, with your thoughts, emotions and memories recorded, you can discover more about yourself, your destined path and what hinders your progress, so you can work to balance or erase it through your practice.

Home Retreat

Stuck at home, drowned in work or living with the pandemic uncertainty? Try something constructive in your own time and at your own pace. Download the home retreat program into your diary and enjoy the classes scheduled to give you a break from daily life.

The retreat is spread across 14 days with recommended time slots for each class that can be easily rescheduled to start around the demands of your daily life.

With four classes hosted by experienced teachers that range from Yoga, Tai Chi, Shaolin and Sound bath therapy, enjoy a full day of activities that will keep you uplifted, fit, focused and inspired.

The digital diary records your practice progress, your journey so far and keeps your practice stats for you to share with your community or any other social media platform.

Get teacher support on your wellness retreat at any time by dropping us a line with any questions you may have or any experiences you may wish to understand or learn better.

Quick Question & Answer

Can I attend classes for free without being a member?

You can join some free classes without subscribing to the WAW Lifestyle app, as well as watch live videos broadcast daily.

Can I use Paypal to become a member?

To become a member of the WAW Lifestyle application, you can pay by credit card, ApplePay or Google Play.

If my smartphone battery runs out during class, will I miss that class?

In the WAW Lifestyle app, videos are stored in your library, and you can watch them whenever you are convenient.

Waw Lifestyle

A distracted mind produces nothing of value for self and life purpose.

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