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The practices will include:

Atma Meditation (Meditating to connect to the source of internal power/wisdom).

Pranayama (advanced breathing technique; Karma/life changing techniques).

Fitness Training.

Alternative therapy/Relaxation.

Psychotherapy Time.

The Art of Listening workshop.

The program will contain different kinds of trainers: Kung Fu Masters , Tai Chi Master , Pro fitness trainers and more.

Their stories can be followed through the WAW Lifestyle app as well as our social media accounts.

Their journey will be an individual development through a strict disciplinary program, at the end of which only one will be announced winner.

Follow us on instagram @wawlifestyle to keep up to date with the journeys of our WAW Inspirational Leaders.

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Meet our WIL's


"My power is empathy. Ever since I was a child, I was always highly sensitive to my environment and all energy around me."


"I desire to find my path after giving birth to my daughter. I want to provide her with everything I was unable to experience."


"I love having fun and making them laugh. I've realised that by making other people happy, even for a split second. I become happier too."


"My nature is caring, kind and compassionate. Helping others gives me so much joy, peace and a sense of great achievement."