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WAW provides a platform for members to create a likeminded wellness support community, where the members can invite, share their wellness activities and experiences from a choice of martial arts, yoga or fitness. WAW Lifestyle app offers the members a step by step guide to each technique with clearly demonstrated graphics, allowing the members the time to practice and develop their skills outside of classes!

The WAW Lifestyle App includes lessons from beginners to advanced, choose from one of our online classes and join one of our experienced senior teachers. WAW lifestyle classes can be scheduled to meet the member’s need and demand, whenever the member is ready to practice; Simply start the class from anywhere that is convenient to you!

Members can also create challenges or competitions with their community to open higher levels of the WAW application, as well as learn to support a culture of solidarity. Choose from Prana Kriya Yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, Tai Chi, Belly Dance, Sound Bath or Shaolin , uncover the path that suits you and begin your greatest adventure!