How to release ‘Bad Karma’?

We have this confusion in our mind that life is all Karma, in its bad sense. Viewing Karma from its profound and higher notion is essential and the understanding of its root meaning can help us change our perception from the negative sense that we have created of Karma while perpetuating a mistaken belief system that is purely based on victimizing our psyche and our souls.

''Karma means action, the actions that we have ever performed from the physical to the mental and emotional actions. We are constantly in a state of compulsive reaction to our actions, and once we gather a certain level of karmic substance, everything starts to happen to us in that sense.''


What can we do to release Bad KARMA?

Our present Karma or actions are important for us to grow as well as our merits. Perceiving Karma as an action and an energy that is neutral neither good nor bad, can give us the inspiration to deal with all sorts of exterior conditions and that can help us stay grounded and centered within the self. Choosing to release any Karma that keeps us stuck in lower unhappy physical realms is a huge step to beginning a life of wellness, you can consciously make things that can help you develop the right perception of Karma that can lead to positive actions in life, we will share a few practices with you:


  • Choosing your Wellness

Caring about your contentment and your well-being can set you free and liberate you from the Karmic complex, it can also help you set the right intentions you need in order to achieve your goals in your life. Creating a holistic approach to life is an essential step toward a happy and healthy life. WAW Lifestyle can help you in your holistic journey of wellness by providing you with the right tools for healing and release.


  • Meditating

We always have the ability as human beings to erase negative impressions and fears through meditation which can help reduce the impact of painful karma. Meditation is the perfect tool we need for bringing serenity and diminishing the sense of guilt and the tendency to blame. When you’re meditating, your brainwave patterns switch to an alpha state that promotes healing frequency and calmness. As a result, the mind becomes fresh and ready to see the positive vision and the light of this life that makes you cultivate and put positive intention into the field. 


  • Dancing

When you are dancing, you are freeing yourself from all expectations and stigmas that were built by your culture, and society... Therefore, freeing these can release the blockages you have created. Freedom is an essential feature of a conscious being, this feeling can make you break free from the prison of your own karma. Dancing can be your own liberation experience or the practice in which you choose to consciously release any tension or feeling of negativity.


Final words:

When there’s action everywhere there’s reaction everywhere, what we can do to live with the right mindset of Karma is to see the past as destiny and the future as free will, and live happily in the present moment in full appreciation and gratitude; because the ocean of karma is infinite.  So, take what you need to rise above the ocean waves, mould your life, and turn it the way you want. Focus on the shift that you can create for yourself that can embrace your overall well-being, WAW Lifestyle can guide you along your journey by providing all the tools you might need for your wellness and self-healing.


Written By: Sara Bahar

A content creator, copywriter, and wellness advocate.