How to welcome 2023 the right way

We're constantly looking for better ways to achieve our goals and since it’s the first month of 2023, you might be thinking about the necessary lifestyle changes you need to make in order to fulfill the goals you set out for yourself this year.


Why do only a few fulfill their new year's resolutions?

Setting new year’s resolutions isn’t new; people often want to leave things that don’t serve them anymore and start the new year fresh without last year’s baggage. Some people want to learn a new language, while others aim to consume less alcohol or tell themselves they’ll finally use that gym membership, they didn’t use last year. All of these people want to improve their health and change their lifestyle in one way or another, but why does it seem like only a few succeed?


Here are a few things that should help you achieve your new year's resolutions. 


How to start 2023 with the right energy?


  • Practice Positive self-affirmations

''Claim your wellness and practice daily self-love''. 

Positive self-talk will help boost your confidence, especially if you do it first thing in the morning. The impact positive self-talk has on our self-esteem has also been scientifically proven. MRI evidence suggests that specific neural pathways strengthen when people practice daily self-affirmations. Therefore, it might be a good idea to create a list of positive affirmations to start 2023 and uplift your neural vibrations that have the potential to enhance your self-confidence. 


  • Prioritize yourself

We tend to neglect ourselves and fill everyone else's tank; then, we become depleted. In 2023, you must turn it around and start prioritizing yourself. Give yourself the proper care you need, and learn to listen to your body and intuition.


  • Include Healing Practices into your daily life.

Take care of your body and soul. Make a new regime for 2023 that involves meditation, yoga, sound bath, etc. These practices can help you calm your body and mind in a way that generates your inner and outer well-being and enables you to heal from any unwanted emotional baggage and trauma you might have previously developed. Mindfulness and well-being should be your central focus this year so you can keep calm and stay in your center regardless of the circumstances you are likely dealing with. 


  • Drink lots of water

Our bodies are made of 60% water, meaning maintaining correct water levels is essential for our health. Try to always keep a water bottle near you; if you’d like to take it a step further, add a slice of lemon or cucumber to taste, especially in the morning; this will help wake up your immune system and prepare your body for the day.


  • Keep a healthy community around you.

Our environment and those around us influence us to a great extent. Surround yourself with healthy people that help you grow,  inspire you, nurture your journey and help bring out the best in you. The new year could finally be the time for you to start setting boundaries, let go of people and relationships that don’t serve you anymore, and invite new people into your life. After all, maybe new connections are exactly what you need to start the new year. 

There you have it, five things you should consider to start the new year right!


WAW Lifestyle wishes you a healthy and happy new year, full of wellness.


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Written By: Sara Bahar

A content creator, copywriter, and wellness advocate. 



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