Top wellness-related shows you MUST see in 2023

“We are what we watch”


A wellness journey doesn’t only include physical practices or good eating habits, it also includes consuming mindful visual content that can help with the overall growth of your wellness journey

The content we watch can influence us in a lot of ways. By shaping the way we think, giving us new inspiration, and uncovering role models that go through similar journeys, which inspire us to move forward. This type of inspirational content not only nourishes the brain but also peaks our interest and invokes new feelings of enthusiasm within us. 

With the new year just around the corner, who wouldn’t want to feel enthusiastic about the opportunities the new year will uncover?

Let's take a look at the top wellness related shows and documentaries you MUST WATCH in 2023 for a high-energy impulse that you need to enter the new year.


  1. Halftime

Is an example of a successful career of a powerful woman, the story of the icon — in her own right —  Jennifer Lopez (a.k.a. J.Lo). The show reveals the grit and determination of her character by focusing on the second half of her life and gives us an intimate peek behind the most famous shows and films on her career. In the documentary, J.Lo is using her career and voice to serve a greater purpose by being the example of a woman — from a working-class background — walking forward with extreme confidence, toward ultimate success as a singing artist, a mother, and a Latina.


  1. The Game Changers 

Looking to change your eating habits? Then this one is for you. The game Changers is an eye-opening documentary of thousands of facts that people were sold to consume more meat and other animal products.  “The Game Changers” showcases professional fighters talking about the power of a plant-based diet, from the heaviest weight lifters, and senior women athletes, to the myriads of the world’s most famous sports actors. This documentary is filled with a mountain of dietary facts, supported by research from scientists in medicine and technologies, on the countless health benefits of eating plant-based.


  1. The Goop Lab with Gwyneth Paltrow

Wellness reality programs aren’t talked about enough inside the wellness communities. Gwyneth Paltrow’s “The Goop Lab” captures spiritual transformation in-action. The show is an American documentary series with 6 episodes about lifestyle and wellness-changing programs. It showcases the life of 4 participants also called ‘’the Goops’’ who’s aim is to change their life by going through personal healing journeys, using natural medicine and deep energy work. In 2020, the Goop Lab was nominated for two Critic’s Choice Real TV Awards. Gwyneth Paltrow, the founder and also the host of the show, delves into topics of psychedelics, energy work, psychic work, and other fascinating topics, together with her Goop Team. This show is not to be missed in the new year!


  1. Tony Robbins: I AM NOT YOUR GURU

For all the people, who seek to find hope and a new perspective to see life in, then this documentary is a great way to help you find motivation, optimism and the meaning of life. Toby Robbins shakes people up, to the depths of their psyche, and gets their focus back on track. He achieves this by examining people’s relationships and showcasing wellness practices that help people to shift their perceptions for a better, more fulfilling life. 


  1. The Mind, Explained

Another great series, that became popularised during the pandemic, of two seasons, 5 episodes each, with every episode being between 19-21 minutes long. The show illustrates the reality of dreams, meditation, memory formation, anxiety disorders, mental health disorders, and its effects.  “The Mind, Explained” is full of thought-provoking information by explaining the fascinating and complex nature in which our brain functions. With each episode, this show reveals something new about our minds that we didn’t know before. 


  1. (Un)Well

If you’re a big part of the wellness community, then you must be familiar with this show.  (Un)Well shines a spotlight on the absurd side of the wellness industry, approaching six different wellness trends and how these unproven trends are making the big bucks for the people that sell them. (Un)Well attempts to serve as a map to the ever-expanding sprawl of wellness and helps you to identify between the proven trends and hoax trends. Each 50-minute episode features experts who provide the viewer with fact-based research and scientific proof on why these absurd wellness trends such as tantric sex, bee sting therapy don’t work.


There you have it! This is our list of wellness content that will help you stay mindful and also charge your energy to start 2023 with a fresh sense of enthusiasm, to get you started on those New Year resolutions you set out for yourself! 


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Written By: Sara Bahar

A content creator, copywriter, and wellness advocate. 

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