Choose Your Wellness Path

Choose a path from one of our Master Schools: whether you prefer an authentic practice passed down and taught by Gurus and Grandmasters, or a more alternative practice mixing modern and ancient wisdom. Our extensive library of classes provides practitioners with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions meaning that you can focus on perfecting your posture, alignment and discipline from the comfort of your own home. You can also join live group classes as well as access one-to-one sessions. 

Use the Smart Scheduler to help remind you to keep a healthy routine by setting alerts for when your session starts – take it one step further by combining your calendars and let the app recommend the best times, classes, events and diet plans to suit your lifestyle. Create wellness goals and let WAW Lifestyle’s digital diary help you achieve these. 

To help keep your wellness journey interesting, utilise our bespoke templates to create beautiful pictures, video blogs and journal entries to share across your social media platforms. Or hustle in silence, the choice is yours! This way, you can easily track your progress, discover your authentic self and understand what blockages you are working to open and realease.