Home Retreats

Stuck at home, drowning in work or cautious about moving around? Try something healthy and constructive in your own time and at your own pace. Download WAW Lifestyle’s Home Retreat program and enjoy a break from your day-to-day.

Our Home Retreat is spread across 14 days with recommended time slots for each class – however, these can easily be rescheduled to suit your schedule. The Retreat focuses on four classes hosted by experienced teachers and range from Yoga, Tai Chi, Shaolin and Sound Bath Therapy. Enjoy a day of wellness activities that help keep you uplifted, fit and focused.

The Digital Diary function records your practice progress and keeps your stats for you to save as well as share with your WAW Lifestyle community and other social media platforms.

You’re able to get 1-1 teacher support while attending the Home Retreat at any time through our chat function. We always encourage our members to ask us questions and share their thoughts on practices and experiences they wish to understand better.