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"I did a 4-week bespoke detox with WAW Lifestyle and felt great afterwards! They put together a program which included easy recipes, yoga, meditation and Kung Fu. I also had a 1-1 guided visual meditation which really helped me release and connect with my higher self."

Freddie, London

"After a week of Tai Chi, I already feel calmer and more relaxed. I really like how I’m able to practice from anywhere which is super convenient as I’ve started to travel for work again."

Jon, Edinburgh

"I always wanted to try Kung Fu but never found the time outside of my busy schedule. We had a baby during lockdown and share the responsibilities, so my schedule is ad hoc at the moment. Accessing training with Master Wang through the app has been a great solution, it allows me to switch off and focus and I think I’m a better parent as a result."

Joe, Brighton

"Prana Kriya Yoga is something I heard about online and I tried for ages to find a class near me without any luck. WAW Lifestyle made it possible for me to finally start practicing this elusive form of yoga and I love it!"

Isabelle, London