Self-care practices and rituals to do in the last Full Moon of 2022

Learn how to prepare yourself for the new year

All the planets, moon, and sun affect our life on earth. But for us, we get more affected by the moon and its phases, both physically and emotionally, due to its multiple roles. In the Hindu tradition, the first yogi lord, Shiva, wears the moon upon his head as jewelry to indicate the highest level of his perception. He believes that our human perception and the moon are interconnected.

For centuries, physicians and philosophers related mental changes to lunar cycles and how they affect our neurological development, which is the most significant aspect of who we are. The moon impacts not just the things that we see, such as the waves and movement of our oceans and gravity, but also things that are sometimes harder to notice, such as our emotional and physical state. When the moon is in a full moon state, our energy levels are believed to be amplified, with this peak of energy having impact on our daily choices, mental health and, ultimately, our future. This is why it’s believed to be important to use this time to engage ourselves in full moon rituals, in order to use this energy to balance and align with the cycles of nature, gain clarity of the future, let go of things that no longer serve us and restore our body and mind, to reconnect with our inner selves...


Full Moon Rituals/Practices to Try

The full moon enhances whatever state of energy we are in, so take the time to consciously create the right quality of energy to enhance during this particular period of the month. Here are some rituals and practices that can help you create the right energy and use the full moon to your own advantage. 


Settle down and Meditate

Meditation is key to mindfulness, especially during the full moon. This meditation is a time to take for yourself  and to settle down your body and mind, in order to process everything that might be going on in your life. This is a time to unwind, release, and allow your mind to settle down and rest. The full moon meditation can help you go inward, transcend the mind, and experience the divinity within. Try a 20-minute meditation if you’re a beginner, but go beyond 20-minutes if you’re an avid meditation practitioner.  


Allow your breath to flow through you

Our energy is centered in the pineal gland of our brain, from which the vital force gets secreted. During the full moon, it is believed, that the moon affects this gland and takes control of all of our actions and reactions. Pranayama, or breathwork, is the perfect aid for such an energy-upraising time as the full moon, a time when it’s difficult to settle down our racing minds. Firstly, take a deep breath and try different breathwork that you feel is best suited for you. Correct breathing has a massive impact on our anxiety levels, stress and depression, with breathwork helping you calm your mind, tune-in and ground your energy before you start to flow. During this exercise, focus on your breath and how your upper body changes, once you inhale and exhale. Try to limit any outside distractions during your breathwork, for the ultimate experience. 


Eat Healthy

Feeding the body is as necessary as feeding the soul. During the full moon, try to go for a healthy diet. Have you considered switching to an Ayurvedic diet? Find our top tips on how to get started with the Ayurvedic diet and what it means, in our previous blog posts on WAWLIFESTYLE.COM . The Ayurvedic diet is known to increase your strength, revitalize your body, and bring healing to your mind by focusing on a certain Dosha, dependant on your physical and psychological traits. Find out which Dosha you are here.


Dance it out

Free movement can help you achieve emotional, cognitive, physical, and social integration. Dancing is not just movements, it’s a type of therapy that you can use as a tool to release stress, prevent disease and manage your mood. Dancing is a form of freedom and an instrument to discharge and liberate yourself from any physical or psychological tension you might be having. Dance in the full moon and float with the light by setting yourself free.



Think of each full Moon as a new chapter, a chance to start over, much like the moon does in its own cycle. You can call the power of this Full Moon to create positive changes in your life and start with a fresh beginning in the new year. 

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Written By: Sara Bahar

A content creator, copywriter, and wellness advocate.