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WAW Lifestyle

WAW App concept is a unique new-age digital ecosystem, built around keeping its user communities physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually balanced and healthy.

WAW Team Mission Statement

Wellness Around the World is our priority, purpose and mission to promote balanced physical and mental wellbeing, to build global WAW communities where we can freely express, aid and share with likeminded people our Wellness and wellbeing experiences and growth.
Through the "Karma Plan" we will create global centers for WAW communities to retreat and relax, while giving back to our planet and all life that inhabit it.
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"June 2020”

We invite all our vegetarian WAW members to earn a little cash by uploading a video of their cooked recipes for our communities to try at home and enjoy.

“The Elders”

Ecosystem based on the wisdom and knowledge of the “Elders”, a selection of highly respected authentic schools from around the globe, who will work together to introduce Step-by-step guide into their techniques, methods and wisdom.

“Path Of A Seeker”

Access exclusive pre-recorded classes taught by master teachers from around the globe. Uncover your past life or give up smoking via our psychotherapy sessions.

"Karma Plan"

Access a variety of classes by the Elders, dance and chant sessions.


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