Wellness classes for you and your partner this Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s day has arrived, and it's time to celebrate and talk about the most powerful force on earth - love. 

Love is a powerful emotion that can shape and influence our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Many spiritual traditions see love as the fundamental aspect of the universe and a force that connects all things. Love is a way to connect with the divine and the world around us. 

In healthy relationships, love is crucial; it fosters an emotional connection between partners, creating a sense of intimacy and bonding that can lead to a deeper understanding of each other's needs and desires. However, nurturing a deep connection in a relationship isn’t always easy and should, therefore, be maintained by both partners.

A couple’s wellness activity can spark new excitement in your relationship and help you understand the feelings of your significant other by connecting to their deeper interdimensional layers. 

Here’s a list of wellness-related activities couples should consider this Valentine’s day!:


  1. Taichi for couples

Tai Chi is a combination of gentle movements drawn from martial arts that come from the East. This martial art follows the ancient concept of Ying and Yang. Ying is the feminine energy form, and Yang is masculine, which unite and balance each other to create the Taichi meditation movements.

Tai Chi for couples is a relaxing and enjoyable way for partners to exercise and practice mindfulness together and connect to each other's feminine and masculine energies. A healthy relationship is one with the right balance between partners, which makes Tai Chi a perfect activity for a couple wanting to enhance their physical and emotional connection.


  1. Sound bathing together

A private and intimate sound therapy session is a great activity for couples; it is a gift of intimacy and trust for two romantic partners and a transformative way to connect with your lover. By using sound and vibration techniques guided by a sound teacher, couples can experience a deeper level of consciousness and complete and profound body/mind relaxation and emotional awareness. 

After all, what’s more, romantic than listening to relaxing sounds with your partner as you dive into a deep meditative state?


  1. Couples Reiki 

There are countless energy-healing benefits that a reiki class can have on its practitioner. For example, between partners, a simple reiki workshop can help two people connect their emotional experiences projected within their bodies and help uncover any trauma hidden in their psyche. In addition, a reiki exercise can bring awareness to any issues that need resolving and build a more profound understanding between you and your partner. 


  1. Meditation for a deeper connection

A simple couple’s meditation can serve as a way to foster a kinder mind towards your partner by helping you connect with their deeper interdimensional layers. All couples should consider meditation sessions together to bring a renewed sense of togetherness and synergy that will further unite them.

The WAW Lifestyle App offers various types of meditation, from On the Go, Awake Awareness, Path to Authentic Self, Balancing and Harmonising, Sense Aware and more. You can practice these meditations on your own or with your significant other!

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  1. Ayurvedic cooking classes

Food is a love language; therefore, couples should consider taking part in a cooking class. Have you heard of the Ayurvedic diet and its benefits? If not, you can find your introduction to the ins and outs of Ayurvedic cooking here

Celebrate Valentine’s day by discovering each other's Doshas and trying ayurvedic classes to experiment with holistic ayurvedic food fit for your wellness journey. Knowing which Dosha you and your partner are can help you understand what food you should and shouldn’t eat and how you’re similar and different from each other; This will ultimately bring new perspectives into your relationship and build a deeper understanding between you and your partner. 


Ultimately, Valentine’s day is a time for couples to test new things and bring new experiences into their relationship. 

The right wellness class can be an opportunity to build a deeper connection with your partner and help you express gratitude for one another as you engage in activities that strengthen your relationship. 

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Happy valentine’s day!!





One Breath at a Time


Written By: Sara Bahar

A content creator, copywriter, and wellness advocate.