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Founded by Zsena Kay in a boutique studio in London, England, in May 2015, AwakeConBal Limited is based on an ideology that puts people at its center. Acting with the motto "If people get better, the world gets better", AwakeConBal aims to develop people spiritually, physically and mentally, making them better individuals both for themselves and the world. With this approach, an office was opened in Tangier, Morocco, and then in Istanbul, Turkey, after London. The global operation is managed through these centers. The main arm of AwakeConbal are retreats, yoga and alternative therapy school, luxury alternative and beauty therapies and one arm technological administration, creative and media.

AwakeConBal, whose mission is to lead people to a physically, mentally and spiritually healthy life, aims to increase the inner awareness of health and lifestyle and to develop the culture of cooperation, with the WAW Lifestyle mobile application developed for this purpose and the re-emergence and dissemination of the forgotten values that make people human. With technological progress, material desires, achievements and attachments are constantly increasing, while nurturing of the self, mind, and body becomes more on the decrease due to time constraints and demands to materially progress and socially be recognized in power and influence within this striving hunger of social and material accumulation, AwakeConBal lifestyle hopes to spread the vision of internal awareness, that ignites true power with unwavering confidence with a balanced attitude, health and state of being. This allows the practitioner of AwakeConBal lifestyle to be in control and harmony of one’s path, life (social and work) and choices feeling centered, content, and at peace, constantly evolving and growing as a divine being realizing hidden potential that would set the individual apart, recognizing their birth right skill and not simply following a social herd on a path with a single-minded blind purpose!

AwakeConBal, whose vision is to offer lifestyle alternatives that incorporate as many cultures, disciplines and spiritual knowledge as possible, plans to create a balanced attitude, healthy emotions and awaken deep awareness in people. Incorporating expert trainers from all over the world into its staff, AwakeConBal tries to create a happy community that is conscious of healthy living in harmony with nature and itself.